The gulf of Spezia

The gulf of Spezia, long been known as Gulf of Poets, because they are still a destination for fruitful writers, is a gentle amphitheater; the west are Porto Venere with its islands and the area Tramonti that leads to the Cinque Terre; To the east Lerici, with unforgettable views from the castle and, beyond, mervigliose, small coves, which line the rocky promontory of Montemarcello.


This striking,sea-faring village is unique of its kind in Liguria: the Doria quay is hemmed in by a number of tower-like houses which effectyvely turn the harbour into a fortified citadel. The islands of Palmaria, Tino and Tinetto are located just off the mainland.

The grottes, the churches of San Pietro (4° - 13° centuries) and San Lorenzo and the caste are worth a visit.


Which dates back to Roman times, is overshadowed by a medieval castle now converted into a magnificent paleontologic museum.

In the 18° century the town became fashionable among Englis poets and writers on account of its scenic beauty incorporating many of the contemporany Romantic ideals. There are several striking villas in the area anfd the picturesque old township is sorrounded by gardens and sunlit beaches.

Cinque Terre

The five hamiets of the Cinque Terre are located on the west coast of the Riviera; the villages of Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore either cling to the cliff face of are concealed in miniature inlets perfectily blending on to this unique and unspoilt landscape.

The area has been turned into a National Park ad proclaimed heritage of mankind by UNESCO

Monterosso is renowned for the unspoilt architecture of the medieval centre, now a thriving cultural centre, with pleasant beaches for more mundane holidaymakers..
Vernazza is outstanding: tower-like buildings flank the narrow alleyways leading down to the anchorage which is set in a fairy-tale bay.
Manarola,perched on a rock outcrop, and Riomaggiore are linked by a footpath cut out of the sheer rock just a stone throw away from the sea; this romantic pathway called Via dell'Amore is dedicated to lovers .

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